I forgive you

Dear you
As I forgive you once again
I fail to recall
How often you inflicted me with this pain
So I just forgive you.
I am speechless and exhausted to cry and shout
Or rather count
The number of times
You hit with poisonous weapons or words
When you hurt and never looked back
To appease and reconcile.
So I just forgive you.
Dear you
While I forgive
My heart whispers, ‘I am sorry’
Maybe it’s not my fault
Maybe we should try to fix the things again
Or maybe we should just discuss
What, where and why we went wrong
And how did we miss it at first
To let this roll down so far
And to let us tear apart.
They say you should learn and know how to forgive
For to do so you need a big heart
But mine is shattered into million pieces
Wound by wound
And part by part.
Never mind, I still forgive you
As all the tiny pieces rise to join
Only to be born from dust
With the strength of a golden armour
Embracing a graceful and elegant touch.
The reborn spirit will forgive you
Each time a little less
Until the day I decide it’s over
And walk away leaving behind the rest.
The day will see no light of pity
No sorrow, joy or regret
For it will be the day I will forgive you last
And the day I will start to forget
I will choose to stand up against
the atrocities you impose to dominate
Forgiving you will give me the power
To look into your vicious eyes
With a victorious smile on my face.

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