About Me

Big cars, luxury suites, exquisite holiday locations, wine bottles and a novel; well, it’s just me. Ishita Sarkar. I am a girl who dreams big and works constantly toward materializing them.

Striving to become successful at anything in hand, I like experimenting with different things in life. After all, we have just one life to see our dreams come true ! I love when the kid inside overpowers me and that is exactly from where I get my wonderful ideas. Life to me is very colorful and should be enjoyed in its entirety. I have varied perceptions of the world defined by my conscience. I love putting down my thoughts on paper either in the form of writing or in the form of an art piece. i will also describe myself as a wannabe vagabond with a strong wanderlust.

My biggest enemy is the conflict between my heart and mind, which sometimes leaves me quite baffled!