If we make it to the same road,

Will we cross each other again?

Will we stand in middle of the walk,

And dance freely in the pouring rain.

Will your secret hands

Silently grab my waist

and pull me closer to you,

to kiss me.


Or will we just exchange

Hopeless blank stares

With obliterated memories

Fading in thin air.

Will our muttering lips,

Devoid of the warm smiles,

abandon the shattered promises,

and conceal us,



Oh ! those were the days

of our intense juvenile love,

that blossomed with every passing moment.

Come, hold my hands again

and fill this hour

with the same passionate submission;

let’s again make our nervous instinct

lose its own volition.

Let’s repeat the story again

And fall in the old hypnotic trance.

Come, oh, my dear,

Let us again,




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