Forsaken Gods

Ever since our childhood, we have been asked to keep the faith and follow an Almighty. We have been told many stories and narrations instilling in us the belief that the entire Universe, with the gift of life, is created by God and we, as children of God, should always respect the power of the Almighty.

Coming from a Hindu religious background, we worship many manifestations of the Almighty. The Hindu scriptures say that we have 33 Crore Gods. All our Gods have faces and an associated story with all Avatars. Thus, we worship our Gods in the form of idols and celebrate diverse festive occasions, every year, devoted to different God.

Every year, as the festive occasions draw near, the paradox of our dependence on God becomes more prominent. It is the time when the fortune of some of the idols falls in the hands of the human beings, ironically, the creation of God. Sculptors create the idols suiting the festive occasion and give them the desired shape and identity of being a God or Goddess. They are then auctioned and sold to people who buys them at the settled price. Not to forget, when it comes to buying, it becomes a very selective affair. The idols are then taken for worship with full faith and conviction. Thus, the idols find themselves a perfect home or pandal to be worshipped in.

But, some idols are not fortunate enough to find a perfect place or even get selected for the occasion. If not selected, they are left abandoned on the roadsides covered with plastic, until they are stocked in the godown, while the other idols enjoy the glitz and pamper. For the disowned idols, the wait to get chosen for a home or pandal extends for another year.

Hence, after the conclusion of any festival, it will not be an uncommon sight if anyone catches a glimpse of these Forsaken Gods, waiting to be embraced by His own children, the human beings.

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