Days were passing
Like winds in a desert
Dead and Dry.
Then, one day,
Million shiny droplets fell from the sky
Bringing hope to the fallen life
You walked by.

I never believed in fate or luck
But now I do.
I Believe.
That meeting you was no coincidence
It was destiny
A fortunate stroke of serendipity.

All the time, I ponder
Why was it destined that you walk by?
To hold my quivering hands?
To bring out my smile
Or to do the stupid, silly things
That I had not done for quite a while.

I think and think
And keep thinking about
How long will you last?
Will you be a drizzle, or,
Will you bring the flood?

I have no answers to my floating thoughts
For they never seem to end
And I will never try to stop these from coming
For, in my mind,
You, too, float along with them.

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