There was a time when I
missed you,
looked for you,
longed for you
all day and night.
I whispered to the floating clouds
and winds
and to the smallest elements of nature
to bring you with them
or your news
or anything at all
to make me feel your presence,
your existence.
There was a time when I would adorn
the table,
the bed,
the house,
for two, and then remember
you are not here
but far away in a distant land
waiting for me, may be,
Or may not.
But I did, I waited,
for days, weeks and years
for seconds, minutes and hours
till the time when two became one.
Now I talk
to myself in the mirror
to the walls around me, and
to our pet, Lucy.
I watch the gleeful sun
change its colors
yellow, orange and red
from sunrise to sunset.
Today I miss none, not even you,
for missing thee
has wasted me
leaving a void for eternity.
I should have loved myself more
I feel that now,
but I don’t regret
spending my entire life waiting for you
for it has returned
as a gift,
and strength
to endure this solitary habit.

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