How much can you relate?

You’ve asked me a hundred times
To tell you how I feel
Do you really want to know, do you really care?
Do you have the heart to listen and bear?
And by heart I refer to a strong one
Will you believe? will you understand?
If I say
I have million faces residing within me
Talking, shouting and seeing things
And the one you see outside is cold and oblivious,
A perfect mask
Chosen to mask the colossal chaos.

Million eyes watch over me
Every movement noted
I see things moving, yet,
They remain in their places.
I hear numerous whispers calling my name, telling,
Things I fail to decode
Every room I enter, every alley I walk
I feel shadowed and followed.
I have sleepless nights
Visitors sit under my bed
You will find me in a corner, often,
As I sit and confess.

All this sounds bizarre, I concur,
All this sounds fake
Now, tell me,
How much of the truth did you decipher?
How much can you relate?