Coffee and Summer’s rain

I want to stick my head out
From the window bars
And feel –
The wind brushing through my hairs.
My face getting numb from the cold kiss
Of wind and rain
And each drop of blood freezing in my veins.
Sometimes, I want
The room to be darker than dark,
And silent like the grave
From there, I sit and stare outside the window
And crave –
The clock stops ticking and the moment to cease
The drops of rain forming a trail on my windowsill
The steam from the hot coffee cup hazing the glass
And on it is drawn some random doodle art.
Through the darkness, I sit and stare across the street
With a desire to make this moment cease.
I wonder, if I could hold time, I would
Clench into a fist
Do whatever, but not let it pass or slip.
For there are million stories I am yet to write
Of how I stuck my head out from the window bars
To feel the kiss of summer’s rain
And what it felt when
The blood froze in my veins.

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