The little queen

When I knew little, I was,
a queen in my own baby thoughts,
ruling a kingdom of teddies and dolls
with no enemy marching
toward the kingdom walls.
All were healthy, happy and gay
until the childhood
faded away.
Gone were the dolls from my hands,
I was surrounded by worldly errands.
My kingdom remained locked
in boxes and piles
and my subjects waited
for their queen to reconcile.
They turned old, so did I,
the baby thoughts, soon, waved good-bye.
Ages crossed and time was gone
the kingdom transformed
gloomy and forlorn.
The little queen, now a lady, charming and young,
still longed to unite with her forgotten kingdom,
where years ago,
she’d left a piece of her weeping heart
while departing for a new and mature start.
Through the separation and the pain
I grew up having my own memory lane.
One fine day, I returned to the boxes of joy,
unleashing my childhood, teddies, and toys.
Our kingdoms reunited with happiness never seen
For I still remained
Their pretty little queen.

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