Tips to successfully work under pressure

If you have attended an interview for a job, which I am sure you must have, chances are there that you have been asked if you can perform under pressure or how well can you perform under pressure. If you had to face similar questions and had to take a pause figuring out the best reply, be sure of the fact that once you get hired by any chance, you will definitely have to display your talent while handling multiple projects at the same time, with or without tight deadlines. In the span of my career till date, I have met people who can and cannot deal with the pressure at work and have reactions suiting the situation they are put in.

Before you have to face such tight situations and developing stress wrinkles on your face, here are few tips which will definitely help you work smoothly even under the severe workload.

Know your priority – This is the first and foremost information you should have if you are allocated to multiple projects at the same time. Obvious chances are there that this particular piece of important information has not been passed to you for certain reasons, but you should always ask and get a final reply to clarify the priority project. Without this information, you will be in a state of confusion which will reflect on the quality of your work.

Have proper time management – This can only be accomplished once you already know your priority tasks. With that information in hand, you can perform a self-assessment and assign a realistic timeline to yourself to complete all the projects smoothly without postponing the project deadline. Time management, sometimes, turns out to be a difficult task so do not be afraid to consult your seniors for getting a small piece of advice. Proper time management will make your transition from one project to another easy and stress-free.

Learn to say no – Sometimes you have to be stern. You should know when and how to say no to unrealistic deadlines. Communication skills will help you a lot in this scenario. Tell your constraints clearly while deciding upon the deadlines, else you might miss out one and am sure neither your boss nor the client will be happy to hear about this.

Communicate – If you are facing any bottleneck and you are unable to proceed, seek help. Asking for help from others will not chasten you, instead, it will assist you to get the solutions to clear the issue and the piling workload on your desk. You should be very clear about the solution and should ask multiple times when in doubt. In doing so, you will clear the air of uncertainty and deliver quality work even if you are having work pressure. Keeping a doubt open from your end will accumulate as pending tasks and will add up to the work pressure and stress.

Give a break – You must have heard that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Do you want to be like Jack ? If the answer is no, then give yourself a break. Just because you have too much work pressure does not imply that you have to work all day long. Giving breaks in between work will refresh your brain and mood which will help you to get a better insight of your work and will bring out fresh ideas to successfully finish the in-hand project. This is very important for your mental as well as physical health as too much stress causes various health issues in the long run.

Be optimistic – Have faith and confidence in yourself that you will complete all project successfully before the timeline is crossed. Keep reminding yourself that you can do it. By doing this, you will build a positive aura around you which will help you finish all tasks and will relieve you of your work pressure.

As an employee of any organisation, big or small, it is always good to have the capability to work, not curb, under pressure. Your employers will gradually grow a trust on you which will be a major deciding factor of job satisfaction in the long run.

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How to conquer a bad day at work

Are you feeling stressed out and sulking to attend your boss? Are you feeling annoyed at everything around you? Are you frowning at the silliest jokes? If yes, then definitely you are having a bad day at work.

Want to know how you can cope up? Well then, read on.

Now that you have already punched your card at the door, booked your attendance and most importantly, your boss’s eyes have fallen on you, I presume that you are not escaping from your office anymore.

Everyone, including me, has tales of bad days at work. We can be whiny, we can start complaining about every minute thing, we can submit bad deliverable (and later hear the music from bosses  :P). All these are natural instincts when nothing feels right. The most important and difficult thing to do, at provoking times like these, is to cope up with the distressing feeling at your workplace and get back to normal.

Well, listed here are few things you can attempt to do to revive your mood when you are having trouble and just about to add another new story of your bad day at work.

Close your eyes for some time and think nothing

This helps. It really does. Free your mind of all the vexed and negative feeling and start afresh. You can do this only when you stop your vision and give your brain a break from being annoyingly judgmental. So, close those weary eyes and completely remove all kind of thoughts from your mind. You will feel lighter.

Close your eyes and take deep breaths

Deep breathing is a very good therapy to ease your stress. Take deep breaths and blow them out gently. Keep your eyes closed. When you take deep breaths, the process sends a signal to your brain which in turn sends a message to your body to relax. By practicing this, your anxiety will reduce and you will be able to relax.

Listen to music

Well, this is coming more from my personal experience. I listen to music, anything that suits my mood at that hour. This is an entertaining way to calm your nerves as you will get to enjoy the nice flavor of music. But be careful, do not listen to songs that make you sad; there will be an emotional explosion and you might find yourself in tears. Rather, listen to something that will pep you up or make your cheerful.

Make your brain work

Do anything that will keep your brain engaged. Try to solve a mathematical calculation, play Sudoku, solve puzzles, play tik-to game etc. You will eventually divert your thoughts from your bad day and will feel relaxed, or even victorious if you end up solving anything successfully.


The best way to express your bad day is doodling. Paint or write anything you feel. Trust me, when you will get back to normal, you will be amused at your talent and will chuckle in astonishment.

Take a walk

When you are irritable and not able to concentrate on work, there is no point in sticking to your chair. Get up and get moving. Take a walk, stroll along the alleys, climb the stairs, visit the washroom or cafeteria. Seeing happy and greeting faces on your way will calm you down.

Take your picture

I am sure that by now majority of the population is using the smart phone and clicking random selfies. So, why not now? Take your picture when you are having a bad day at the office. Believe me, you are going to hate those frowns on your face and will end up smiling. Nobody likes to have bad pictures of themselves. Some people can get extremely conscious about how comical they look when annoyed and will change the annoyed look on their faces.

Read jokes

Yes, go online and read anything that is funny. Read it alone and laugh. People will surely look with suspicion, but that hardly matters when you can have a good laugh and relax your mood.

Lastly, if none of the above is helping you out, make yourself some good, refreshing coffee.

This is an immediate mood enhancer and will regain your composure.

Nevertheless, out of all these thoughts, I wish that no one has to face bad days at work as we spend the majority of our days’ time there. Thus, here, I end my post with a happy note and wishing lots of happiness for my readers.


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Productive things you can do when you are ‘on the bench’

Nowadays, most of us are working in big MNCs and are acquainted with the not-so-friendly IT terminologies. So, I will not be mistaken if I talk about being ‘on the bench’. For readers who are not used to this term, here is a link that will explain to you what does being ‘on the bench’ mean.

Okay. Now that my previous project has been completed, I am put on the bench, waiting for my next project allocation. After completing all my official commitments relating to the previous project, here I am, writing to you, and sharing my ideas about appropriate time utilization methods that will make you productive, even at idle hours.

Let’s get started !

Update yourself

Many companies have an in-house knowledge base filled with informative content. They can come in the form of books available in a library or in the form of online tutorials available over the intranet. If you are an employee in any company having these facilities, being on the bench is the perfect time to utilize them and update yourself. You can learn about new technologies, use of new software, learn new concept etc. Keeping yourself updated always comes in handy and it will also push you up in the list of preferred candidates.

Read anything

If you had ‘too much’ in your previous project and want a relaxing break, read. Reading anything, any book, any article from your preferred genre will help you escape boredom. It will keep you informed about the latest trend. If you like to write, you might learn a new style of writing. Nowadays, companies provide internet connection to access sites(without harming any confidential details); utilize that. You will enter the ocean of content. Your vocabulary and communication skills will definitely improve and who knows, you might just as well develop a new hobby!

Write a letter

By writing I do not mean ‘typing’ using your keyboard. Common, you are on the bench! Snap out of the computer and the internet and stop using your keyboard, like seriously, give some rest to your poor fingers. Grab a pen and paper – the former weapons of communication, think about someone and start writing a letter. You will literally know how much damage the auto-correction has done to your spell-check and how bad your handwriting has turned to.However, sending the letter (not posting an email) is at your discretion, although the person at the receiving end will be overjoyed and may have watery eyes while reading your message.  Well, these small things are worth your attention, aren’t they?

Create anything

If you want to rekindle the creative you, well, go ahead. You have ample time when you are on the bench to remember how creative your mind used to be. Bring it back and put into action. A lot of art and craft things are available in the market at cheaper rates and more of such things are available around you, for free. Get your hands on some of those and get going. Do some quilling, some painting, make some origami, do any DYI art forms, recycle old bottles, decorate your desk, draw colorful doodles, etc. You can do anything creative. All you need to do is look around you and find an idea.

Give some time to yourself

This is especially for the people who get busy with family and household chores after office. Being on the bench will allow you some time to pay attention to yourself. Though you can’t leave office premises for the time calculation, you can examine and scrutinize the changes in your lifestyle, your food habits, your workout regime etc. You can analyse your stress levels, your skin conditions etc. and chalk out a plan to undo the wrong practices you have been following, unknowingly.

Plan a vacation

Everybody needs a break from the daily routine and it needs some extensive planning. What better time than this when you have access to the internet, no work and ample time. Explore the internet for some travel sites and travel packages, plan the budget and make up your mind not to cancel this trip, like you did the last time.

Make your to-do list

Being on the bench will give you enough time to make your personalized to-do list. You can decide some recipes to cook, invite your folks for dinner, call up your old relatives, decide necessary items for your shopping cart, fix all the flickering bulbs at home, mend the tap etc. Put every small thing that you have been delaying for so long on the to-do list and stick it on your refrigerator as soon as you reach home.

So you see, utilizing time can be done in innumerable ways. Take a break from the time-consuming and tiring social media sites and get productive. Next time when you are put on bench, remember to do any of these or you can add new ideas to your own list.

Oh ya, don’t forget to share your innovative ideas with others ! 🙂


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