I shouldn’t have

I shouldn’t have
Let your hands feel
The sensations under my skin
And your ears listen to my throbbing heart
When your fingers ran through me like paint brushes
As if, to you, I were a form of art.
I shouldn’t have let your tongue
Roll inside my mouth
It was a magic that worked
And got me fiercely aroused.
I shouldn’t have let my mind flow
Without resistance
And savour
The taste of your warm lips
Every time you pulled me close under the blanket
Caressed and planted the erratic kiss.
I shouldn’t have laughed and listened
To the imaginary stories of castles
That we built on floating clouds, and,
Secretly wished them to come true
I shouldn’t have looked at you in the eye
And confess that I’d fallen for you.
Rather, I should’ve crawled under my skin
And pulled myself back
For I am betrothed to the one
Whom I promised and I once loved.
I can see in people’s eye
All that we have seems very, very wrong
And now it doesn’t matter anymore
To whom my heart belongs
As my parting is certain and
There’s no looking back
I am sorry for falling weak
Cause, I really shouldn’t have.

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Selfie – a narcissist obsession

We are living in the era of technology and science. The older, middle and newer generations are experiencing an intense evolution of technology. We are surrounded by highly developed gadgets which are constantly making life easier for us. The desire and dependency on gadgets are becoming insatiable and thus, it accounts for the quicker progress of technology. The amelioration of the gadgets leads to the creation of newer and advanced software with higher specifications. Many companies have joined this run to surpass each other, to be on the topmost position. Indeed, this has created huge employment opportunities but it has also fatally paralysed the mankind.

With the inception of mobile phones having high camera specifications and selfie-sticks, everybody has fallen in a trance to capture a self-portrait for the purpose of sharing it on social media. Selfies have become a ubiquitous trend, an obsession. People attempt to take a selfie anywhere and everywhere and occasionally fail to oversee the impending danger of the situation, thereby resulting in fatal accidents. This impulsive volition of taking the ultimate selfies from dangerous places have cost many precious lives. A research published in a famous newspaper in 2015 mentioned ‘More people have died by taking selfies this year than by shark attacks’. Also, innumerable search result pages are available over the internet for the related search.

People are becoming so engrossed with themselves that they fail to connect with their surroundings. The younger generation is gradually ending up in seeking approval from people on social media in the form of likes and comments. But, this is rendering them pregnable to the pernicious influences resulting in physical and mental disorders, depression, low self-esteem, and inappropriate self-awareness at a very tender age. This is alarming and a matter of deep concern. At such a young age, they should love and accept themselves for who they are and not get affected by what others opined.

Everything comes with two sides; so did technology. Now, the flip side can no more be overlooked. With this, the question, ‘Are the advancements in technology really fostering the generations?’, adds another open topic to the never-ending debate.


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“I don’t like to make love to you, anymore”, her husband said.

Love-making is an art. It is a beautiful way to portray the complete acceptance of your partner, in body and soul. Our choices drive us to select our partner, the right place and the right ambiance to give ourselves completely to the one we love.

However, Pari, a beautiful young lady hailing from an urban town in India, did not have any such liberty. Pari was born, brought-up and educated to become a lovely maiden. Being an obedient child, she never disappointed her parents in any regard. Her beauty made her a desirable woman among the young, handsome and eligible bachelors. But, she was determined to tie the knot with the man who would be her parents’ choice.

Well, it was time and Pari got married to Rishabh, a young and handsome entrepreneur. Within a couple of years, she became the proud mother of 2 girls. Now, Pari’s world was encompassed with her duties toward her family. Time took its course and gradually Pari was no longer the beautiful young woman whom everybody desired. She had put on a couple of pounds post-delivery, her skin lost the glow and signs of aging were prominent. But, all these did not bother her; Pari was happy. To her, the extra pounds symbolised the proof of her healthy newborns, the signs of aging symbolised the love-filled decades she spent with her husband, the grey hairs symbolised the experience of life she had with him.

On some days, not too often, she would ask Rishabh to take her out, just to take out some time from the daily chores and re-live the joyful moments they had when they were newly-weds. She was happy to grow old with the person she loved so deeply. Rishabh would do everything to please her, except making love to his wife.

“Why would you not make love to me, Rishabh?”, she asked one day.

Rishabh was taken aback with this question as he didn’t perceive it coming from his obedient wife. But then, he knew, it was time to answer what he actually felt.

“I don’t like to make love to you, anymore”, said her husband, sipping a glass of wine.

Pari was heart-broken, immediately. She gathered her strength and further asked “Why, Rishabh? Don’t you love me anymore?”, fearing the worst to come.

Rishabh, hesitantly replied, “I don’t find you attractive anymore. All the weight you have put on makes you look old. The charm and the glow are no more there on you. I don’t find the lady I married in you anymore”.

Pari was left in tears. She felt miserable and disowned. She resented all the years she had been with him as they narrowed down to be the judge of her outer beauty. That fact that he repudiated her to be his beautiful wife left her in denial. The remark made her ambivalent about him. She realised she was staying with a stranger, the same stranger whom she married years before and who fathered her daughters. She was claustrophobic in her mind. The remark was a blow to her soul and her body, which, to her, was the proof of her love for him. She decided to be free from the ties of marriage, with a stranger, whom she failed to understand for all these years.

She ended her marriage and walked free like a bird. The judging eyes of people went unnoticed. Deep down, in her heart, she knew she didn’t separate from Rishabh for not liking her or her body, but for the insult, he brought upon the time of their togetherness.

And yes, she still carries those extra pounds with beauty and grace!


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