Tips to successfully work under pressure

If you have attended an interview for a job, which I am sure you must have, chances are there that you have been asked if you can perform under pressure or how well can you perform under pressure. If you had to face similar questions and had to take a pause figuring out the best reply, be sure of the fact that once you get hired by any chance, you will definitely have to display your talent while handling multiple projects at the same time, with or without tight deadlines. In the span of my career till date, I have met people who can and cannot deal with the pressure at work and have reactions suiting the situation they are put in.

Before you have to face such tight situations and developing stress wrinkles on your face, here are few tips which will definitely help you work smoothly even under the severe workload.

Know your priority – This is the first and foremost information you should have if you are allocated to multiple projects at the same time. Obvious chances are there that this particular piece of important information has not been passed to you for certain reasons, but you should always ask and get a final reply to clarify the priority project. Without this information, you will be in a state of confusion which will reflect on the quality of your work.

Have proper time management – This can only be accomplished once you already know your priority tasks. With that information in hand, you can perform a self-assessment and assign a realistic timeline to yourself to complete all the projects smoothly without postponing the project deadline. Time management, sometimes, turns out to be a difficult task so do not be afraid to consult your seniors for getting a small piece of advice. Proper time management will make your transition from one project to another easy and stress-free.

Learn to say no – Sometimes you have to be stern. You should know when and how to say no to unrealistic deadlines. Communication skills will help you a lot in this scenario. Tell your constraints clearly while deciding upon the deadlines, else you might miss out one and am sure neither your boss nor the client will be happy to hear about this.

Communicate – If you are facing any bottleneck and you are unable to proceed, seek help. Asking for help from others will not chasten you, instead, it will assist you to get the solutions to clear the issue and the piling workload on your desk. You should be very clear about the solution and should ask multiple times when in doubt. In doing so, you will clear the air of uncertainty and deliver quality work even if you are having work pressure. Keeping a doubt open from your end will accumulate as pending tasks and will add up to the work pressure and stress.

Give a break – You must have heard that ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’. Do you want to be like Jack ? If the answer is no, then give yourself a break. Just because you have too much work pressure does not imply that you have to work all day long. Giving breaks in between work will refresh your brain and mood which will help you to get a better insight of your work and will bring out fresh ideas to successfully finish the in-hand project. This is very important for your mental as well as physical health as too much stress causes various health issues in the long run.

Be optimistic – Have faith and confidence in yourself that you will complete all project successfully before the timeline is crossed. Keep reminding yourself that you can do it. By doing this, you will build a positive aura around you which will help you finish all tasks and will relieve you of your work pressure.

As an employee of any organisation, big or small, it is always good to have the capability to work, not curb, under pressure. Your employers will gradually grow a trust on you which will be a major deciding factor of job satisfaction in the long run.

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