What if romance dies

What if romance dies

Between you and me

Will you ever turn back and see?

What if words choke

When we meet

Will you help your thoughts

And try to speak?


In your distracted eyes

I try to find

Answers to my

floating mind

But you look away

as you smile

Repressing the truth

Like a juvenile


Seasons changed

and all turned white

colours faded

leaving nothing to excite

we were there

but we were lost

far away

in different thoughts.


‘It is time

To be free’

As we parted,

It spoke to me.

Feelings numbed

And eyes were dry

Romance between us

Finally died.

You did not try

Nor did I

None of us

Wept a parting cry

As you vanished

In the fog

Our long conversations


Like a monologue.



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