A million surmising glares

Follow as I walk

Scornful, disdained whispers

I hear when they talk

They sit there with blunt stare

Having wide gape of jaws

Ogling with lecherous gaze

And advancing set of claws.

They toil too hard

to break me down

and enfeeble my obstinate faith

They wish too hard

to wreck my soul and

occlude my uncaged breath

Yet I stand up against their will

Looking them in the eye

I defeat them with roaring spirit

Subduing the dainty little cries

I hear no words, no scream

No arraignment

For they all fall on deaf ear

I shun those who stand in my way

And sense no sardonic fear

I have risen from dust

and confronted many pain

I have laughed in times

when my heart combated my brain

Those who demean my glory

Know not what to pray for

Look inside your soul, you will find

I am the undiscovered forever

I am the nature who fed all

From her swelling bosom

I have conceived and created

This world, now so inhuman

Beaten, abused and violated

I am the better half needed by man

And as I stand indestructible

They named me a



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  1. Great poem so capturing and nicely written. Look forward to reading more of your post in the future. Check mine out if you get the chance 🙂

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