List of things you should stop doing immediately

Have your ever felt the burst of sadness and anger within you because YOU did something, knowingly, that you shouldn’t have done? Have you ever felt like going back to the past and undo things? Have you lost a friend because of your deeds? Or, rather have you ever felt like slapping yourself in vexation?

I know you have. I know not because you are known to me; I know because it is bound to happen to everybody, at least once in a lifetime.

Nevertheless, to spare you from your own frustration, and to prevent you from sabotaging your happiness, I have listed some serious things that you should stop doing immediately and never repeat again if already done before. Let’s get some of the not-to-do things added in your bucket list.

Stop lying to yourself

Lying is a sin. Lying to yourself makes you a sinner in your own eyes. You can conceal the truth from others, you can even twist the truth. But, does that help your conscience forget the real fact, it doesn’t. Can you look in your own eyes and convince yourself that what you believe now is real? If you did something that hurt you or your loved ones, can you put up a fake smile and hide your pain forever? No, right. So stop lying to yourself and stop convincing your soul with imagination. Your world will be less complicated.

Stop Overthinking

Everyone is a born thinker, but it changes over time. You may think less or may overthink. Thinking and imagining can bring joy as well as sorrow. You have no control on your thoughts and imagination. Thinking too much about anything can spoil the charm and you may end up running your thoughts in a direction where they should not go. Optimistic thoughts can become pessimistic and can change your perception of the subject. You may overthink about a situation and prepare yourself according to what you think whereas the complete opposite is supposed to happen. Thus, in doing so, you narrow down your vision and eventually waste your precious time. Overthinking can also lead to serious mental pressure affecting your mental and physical health.

Stop Grumbling

A person with big heart and clear mind can accept the smallest things with happiness. Someone may not be able to please you all the time and vice-versa. Look, not into the failures of that person, but into the efforts he had put to bring a smile on your face. Appreciate the little things that people do for you, directly or indirectly. Greet everybody once a day. Take life as it comes to you and perceive it as a beautiful platter of unexpected joys. Your heart will me much lighter.

Stop Comparing

This is a big no-no. It is the evil that is always on the hunt for you. Stay far, far away from this feeling. The feeling of comparison will haunt you if you let it in. Everything that belongs to you is destined to come to you, sooner or later; anything that is not yours will never stay with you, irrespective of your efforts. All the things have their own time – time to come and go. Never be overwhelmed if you have things in abundance or if you have nothing at all. Comparing yourself with others sometimes tend to develop a low self-esteem which in turn is not good for your health.

Stop borrowing

Since schooldays, we have been getting scolding for borrowing items from others. Those days have passed but the habit remained. Borrowing is the easiest way to fulfil your needs. You do not have to work hard for achieving anything. As a result, you miss out on all the fun and excitement in participating and the sweet taste of victory. Borrowed items can never be yours and if you believe to own it, you are mistaken.

Stop taking credit for others work

First and foremost, it is bad manner. Nobody is asking for unnecessary praises from you. But by robbing them of their credits, you are diminishing every little chance of them getting recognised for their skill. This practice is not going to do much help to you either because you won’t be able to replicate the same thing if asked to do so. Everybody is born with some talent; use yours and get fair results on where you stand. That will be the reality you need to know. Moreover, stopping this practice will make you trustworthy in the eyes of other people.

Stop praising yourself all the time

Nobody is perfect and so are you. Extreme self-praising may give you temporary satisfaction but you end up becoming a topic of mockery for others. You reduce your value in front of them.

At any point, if any of the above-mentioned things apply to you, pause, be prepared to stop yourself, and pull back from doing the needless.

Remember, superstars are also humans at the end of the day.


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