Mexican Swimmers perform on a popular Bollywood song at Rio Olympics 2016

The Olympic games 2016 held at Rio De Janerio is a much discussed and followed event all over the world as umpteen participants representing different nations and countries are performing hard to put up their best show and win medals in honor of their country. The Olympics never fails to provide a very strong platform to showcase the unity in diversity and healthy competition among the various countries and nations.

With players like Abhinav Bindra, Dipa Karmakar, Vikas Gowda, Atanu Das etc. finishing with fourth rank and beyond, India has not kissed the Olympics medal so far but we are still optimistic. Nevertheless, the Rio Olympics 2016 have given us, the people of India, a reason to smile despite having no medals in our hand so far when two Mexican Swimmers performed in the Synchronised Swimming competition on a Bollywood song. Bollywood songs have been synonymous with jamboree and various other functions and now they have become a part of the Olympics 2016 performance.

Although Bollywood’s one of the most loved actor, Salman Khan, is the Rio Goodwill Ambassador, it is the song ‘Aila re Aila’ from the movie Khatte Meetha featuring Akshar Kumar that made the Indians cheer in joy when the Mexican swimmers Karem Achach and Nuria Diosdado performed the Synchronized Swimming to one of the most popular dance tracks. A twitter video of the same event floating across the social media is making us smile harder. The synchronization of the duo was a delight to watch even on television.

And the fact that they performed on the Bollywood song on 15th August 2016 is another reason to celebrate our Independence Day globally !

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