Relocation is not easy, but here are some useful tips that can help.

Recently, I relocated to New Delhi from Bangalore, a city to which I have given ten valuable years of my life. Staying in a city for ten long years makes you a part of it; Bangalore is a part of me. So, when the time came to leave a city that is so deeply rooted in me, it was heart-crushing. Bangalore was a home away from home. The memories of the last morning in Bangalore are still fresh in my mind. The morning looked beautiful than any other day. It was the monsoon season and had rained the entire night before. The sky was partly cloudy, partly sunny, and the temperature was naturally set to perfection. The excess water collected in the ground beside my rented apartment had created many surface-runoffs that resembled mini rivers. It was beautiful that day, and I was completing my last-minute packing before I leave the city. Honestly, I was so numb and appalled from the realization of leaving the city that I did not feel anything that day. 

Well, now that the felling is absorbed, let me come to the shifting part of the story. In short, it was a storm that came and went. I was an amateur in shifting an entire household, and therefore, I never had an experience with the packers and movers. Thus, to save you from the panic and trauma of relocating your household, I have listed some important to-do tips from my vivid experience below.

  • Call the packers and movers company and book a time of their arrival as per your convenience. I will like to stress on ‘as per your convenience’ because you should be mentally and physically free for what is coming for you.
  • Ask them specific questions like how many executives / field-workers are coming to accomplish the job. This is important for you to know as you will be the one to supervise the entire activity. If the company is sending more than 2-3 people, you might want to reconsider your supervising team as well, and add few more trusted persons to accompany you that day. The packers and movers team will come and start packing from every room simultaneously. If you are single-handedly supervising them, you will soon start seeing stars above your head!
  • Inform the packers and movers company about the count of fragile items you are sending. Ask them to send the appropriate wrapping materials accordingly. Instruct the company to send big containers. Personally, I informed them a count including 3 extra containers, all of which were utilized. So, if you assume that you might require 10 containers, inform 12 or 13 based on your luggage and probability.
  • Do your homework. After all, it is your luggage that is being packed. So, it is always better if you segregate your useful and not-so-useful stuffs before. It will eventually help you to quickly decide what to take and what to discard. Believe me, if you keep everything for the last hour, you will have no time to think and decide. You might leave useful stuffs behind or you might send unnecessary stuffs along with the luggage.
  • Keep your stationery kit handy. The vital stationery kit should include pair of scissors, some good heavy-duty sellotape, a notepad, and a marker with a thick nib (something like board markers). You will need them every minute while the packing is going on.
  • Make sure all your valuables are segregated and kept aside safely. It is not advisable to send them in the containers as they may get damaged or lost. You don’t want to lose that diamond-studded neck piece of yours, do you?
  • Keep food and drinks in stock for yourself as well as for the executives / field-workers. The packing and loading job is a very tiring activity and you need to keep yourself upright and standing to supervise. The workers will do the most difficult part of the job, so make sure to be a generous host, and provide them with regular refreshments, in case they fall weak.
  • Keep you tummy full. Ensure you and your family members complete having your meals, and the tableware is thoroughly washed and dry. The tableware will be packed for quite a few number of days, so, if they are not thoroughly cleaned, chances of fungus outgrowth are prevalent.
  • No meetings (or party). Last but not the least, keep yourself free that day. Avoid trying to have other meetings or events. The entire process of shifting your stuffs demands that you are mentally and physically free. It will be tiring experience for both your mind and body.

I hope these tips serve you well before you initiate your packing and relocation activity.

If you think anything else, that I might have missed here, is useful, do share them in the comments. Looking forward to knowing your thoughts!


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